Air Defense: Russia Seeks Answers


April 7, 2024: Russia has been unable to intercept Ukrainian UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) attacks on oil refineries and oil storage sites in the area between the Ukrainian border and Moscow. It is 755 kilometers from Ukraine to Moscow and there are numerous Russian refineries and oil storage sites to attack along the way. Ukraine has been attacking those oil facilities and the Russian Rosgvardia, or National Guard, is supposed to have air defense units in that area to prevent Ukrainian attacks. Despite this, 80 percent of the Ukrainian attacks got through and the damage to oil facilities and other targets has been so great that Russia has had to ration how much fuel civilian and military users can get. It is estimated that the Ukrainian attacks destroyed twelve percent of Russia’s oil refining capability.

The Russian government ordered an investigation into why Rosgvardia's defensive efforts have failed. Additional defensive measures have been developed after it was discovered that Russian air defense commanders were unable to determine why the Ukrainians were so successful, much less how to stop it. According to Ukrainian leaders, the attacks will continue.




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