Air Defense: January 26, 2001


Russia reports that the first round of tests of the new S400 missile launchers have been completed, using the missiles currently deployed with the earlier S300 missiles. Tests with actual S400 missiles will be conducted in about a year. The 48N6 missile used by the S300 covers the ranges of 150-200km. The new semi-active/active missile designed for the S400 will reach out to 400km (taking advantage of the S400's new radar, which can track targets at 500km). The S400 will use a total of five missiles, depending on range and target type. Two of its new missiles are the 9M96E which has a range of 40km and the 9M46E2 which has a range of 120km. Funding problems have delayed the deployment of the first operational firing battery into 2002.--Stephen V Cole




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