Weapons Article Archive 2006


Brits Adopt German 40mm GMGNew Thermal Sight for M-16sIEDs for Idiots
Even Phony Cash Kills Point, Calculate, Transmit and Shoot Turning VidCams Into Killers
Why Suicide Bombs Backfire M-24 Forever Beretta Backers Beat Down the .45 Revival
IED Developments 40mm Smart Shells Iran's Cop Killer Bullets
Roadside Bombs Not What They Used to Be The Lieutenants Friend Why Liquid Explosives Aren't
GPS as a Servant of Allah Zelzal-2 Rockets in Lebanon Recycled as Sniper Rifles
A Better Weapons-Mounted Thermal Sight Chinese Anti-Ship Missiles in Lebanon This Machine-Gun Mount Matters
The Door Busting Rifle Grenade SOCOM Seeks a Better Bullet Where Has All The Firepower Gone?
Angst Over Arming Robots Reviving the .45 New and Improved 20mm Sniper Rifle
The Tank Shell That Scared Its Users U.S. Army Says 5.56mm Is Adequate Explosively Formed Penetrators in Iraq
AK-47s For Those Who Really Care Amateur Hour For Suicide Bombers New Powered Eyes For Marine Snipers
The Russian Rockets Bombarding Israel Jobs for the Handicapped It Can Detect Explosives Underground
Marines in Iraq Get 40mm Six-Shooter Greek IED Zapper Cloth That Kills
Why IEDs Don't Work IED Fingerprints An Intimidating Machine-Gun
Why the .45 Matters U.S. Brings Back the .45 An M-60 Machine-Gun That Really Works
The $200 Magic Bullet What the Troops Buy With Their Own Money



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