Warplanes Article Archive 2012


China Trains To SurgeAnd Then There Were Four T-50s In The AirPakistan Promised Missile Armed Chinese UAVs
Turkey Exports UAVsChina Grows A PairIt Was Not Easy To Let Go
Practice For The Iran RaidSouth Korean Combat Trainers For PeruAnd Now, The AH-64E
Iraq Gets Some Interceptors Real QuickSmall, Inconspicuous, DeadlyUAV Growth Continues
Do Not Mess With Mother RussiaIndonesia Develops UAVsChina Trains To Take On Vietnam
Aircraft For Little ShipsIndia Leads The WayF-22 Rival Revised
At Least Try And Pretend You Are BehavingOld But Improved UAVsIndia Goes Top Shelf
Russian Air Force Gets The Good StuffOn Top Of The World, ComradeTiger, Tiger Getting It Right
Low, Fast And Out Of ControlMay The Best Liar WinIndia Battles Russia Over Quality Control
The 24/7 Bone Over Afghanistan The F-22 Can DogfightThe King
Qatar Tries To Create More Arab Fighter PilotsGround-To-Air Refueling Sort-Of-WorksTough Old Bird Updated
More Gunships For The GulfTucano Found To Be SuperChina Gets Combat Experience In Africa
Looks Now Kill In KuwaitAfghanistan Is No Longer Mirage CountryItaly Presents The AC-27J
Russia Sends A MessageGray Eagle Gets DownBigger, Better And Not The Same At All
Russia Versus ChinaHerons For Hire By The Hour In Afghanistan South Korean Jets For The Philippines
A Cheap Switch HitterPoland Embraces DroidsThe Mysterious Chinese Predator Clone
The Fujian FollyThe Yak Can't Take ItEgypt Builds Chinese UAVs
F-22ski Just Got Later And More ExpensiveA Paint Job For Every OccasionIranian Avengers Assemble
Turkey Does It Good And CheapUAV Helicopters Making ItF-22 Pilots Protest
Puma Jumps AheadRussia Covers JapanChina Lite
India Shows Russia The WayVietnam Veteran Adopts Smart BombsIranian UAV Fleet Expands
Vietnam Builds A UAV FactoryF-16s Shut Down JaguarsGripen NG
The Hero Of The Revolution Gets A RefurbIranian UAVs In AfricaRacing Against Time
Sperwer Takes A Final DiveDancing With ThievesWhat Is Worse Than Cheap Russian Crap
Taking The Pressure Off U-2sPredator Becomes PreyReaper Replacement Rescinded
Another New One Bites The DustBackfires Burnished To Buy TimeAnd The Tu-160s Just Keep On Coming
U-2 Defeats The Robots AgainThe Flight Of The New AvengerMainly Because It Pisses Off The Russians
North Korea Goes RetroSmall Force, Huge BorderHerons And Eagles
France Leads The WayChina Invades JapanMiG-31BM
Reaper Gets A Bigger PairThe Unnoticed Air Power RevolutionSouth Korea Creates A Jet Fighter
Brazilian Wings Over Afghanistan Chinese Air Expeditionary UnitsSu-27 Survives On Upgrades



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