Somalia Article Archive 2011



Something Will Have To Be DoneA Slow Motion Counter-OffensiveRolling Back The Islamic Radicals
Ethiopia Quietly Rejoins The WarLocals Unite Against Al ShabaabTerrorists Fall Back
Kenya Closes In On Fortified CitiesShowdown At AfmadowKenya Invades
Extremely And Persistently ViolentA Mess Beyond RedemptionEven The Starving Must Pay
Plundering The StarvingThe Great Dying Commences Good Samaritans Get Mugged
The Triumph Of The Free Food BanditsWilling To Kill For FoodPoor Little Bad Guys
Feasting On FamineIslamic Terrorists Defeated By HungerChaos On Land, Victory At Sea
Islamic Radicals Beset On All SidesMore Bad NewsThe Pirates Have A Plan B
Chinese General Points Out The ObviousRuinationPirates Without A Country
Pirates And Terrorists Demand MoreNo Peace, No Justice, No FutureWhat Sucks, And Why
UN Blocks Formation Of Local Coast GuardThe American Terrorist Is KilledIslamic Radicals Reluctantly Retreat
Long Expected Government Offensive BeginsLooking For Volunteers To InvadeThe War At Sea Escalates
Pirate Fleet UnchallengedAllah Wants To Get PaidCalls For Sending Commandoes Ashore