Israel: Terrorists Break Truce, Then Back Off


September 26, 2005: Hamas said it was calling off it's retaliation campaign. This was the result of pressure from the Palestinian Authority, realization that the "attack" they were using to justify this retaliation, was in fact an accident caused by Palestinians, and the threat of massive Israeli retaliation. The United States also put pressure on the Palestinian Authority to shut down the Hamas attacks, or economic aid for Palestinians would be stalled. Meanwhile, other Palestinian terrorist groups have said that they will resume attacks on Israel soon. As a result, Israeli attacks on Palestinian terrorist targets continue.

September 25, 2005: Israel reacted to the Hamas rocket attack by firing missiles at suspected Hamas buildings. Also, Israel is resuming attacks on terrorist leaders, promptly killing at least two using missile firing helicopters. Apparently the Israelis continued to track terrorist leaders. Israeli ground troops moved to the Gaza border, and the borders were closed to Palestinians. 

September 24, 2005: Hamas, in reaction to the explosion at their rally yesterday, launched 35 homemade Kassem rockets at southern Israel, wounding five Israelis.  Palestinian security officials concluded that the explosion at the Hamas rally was an accident.

September 23, 2005: In Gaza, the Hamas Palestinian terrorists held a political rally, where a truck full of weapons exploded, killing at least a dozen people, and wounding nearly a hundred. Hamas insisted that the explosion was caused by the Israelis, which Israel denied. Sloppy handling of explosives by Hamas members has caused similar explosions in the past. 

September 21, 2005: As a result of the Gaza withdrawal, Israel has improved its economic and diplomatic relations with Moslem nations.