India-Pakistan: Islamic Terrorists Outraged


November 13, 2006: Outside Quetta, the capital of Baluchistan province (in southwest Pakistani), police found and removed six anti-vehicle mines on a road often used by the army. Meanwhile, Pakistan has put its 30 airports on the highest level alert, fearing Islamic terrorist attacks on civil aviation. The October 30 attack on an al Qaeda training center really stirred up a lot of anger among Islamic radicals.

India and Pakistan have resumed their peace talks, which were suspended last July, when Islamic terrorists killed over 200 people with bombs in Mumbai, India.

November 10, 2006: Someone threw a grenade into a Kashmir mosque, killing five people. The fellow who threw the grenade, confessed that he was paid $20 to do it. But Islamic terrorist groups denied that they had supplied the cash and the grenade (as they often do for such attacks, usually on soldiers.)

Back in the Pakistan tribal areas, a roadside bomb killed nine tribesmen, including a pro-government chief.

Indian police killed 11 Maoist rebels in eastern India, during several clashes.

November 9, 2006: Attempts to identify the November 8 suicide bomber indicates that the man was not Pakistani, but was religious (full beard, and clothing typical of Taliban).

November 8, 2006: A suicide bomber ran into a formation of 200 Pakistani soldiers doing physical exercises, and killed 40 of them. The attack was in retaliation for the missile attack on a religious school (and al Qaeda training center) October 30th.




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