India-Pakistan: Tribal Terrorists Mourn their Dead


October 24, 2006: In Pakistan's northwest tribal areas, the peace deal with the government is being selectively enforced. Those tribal leaders who don't like the deal, don't observe it, and continue to support Taliban operations. These include Islamic terrorism in Pakistan, and across the border in Afghanistan. Currently, pro-terrorist tribal religious leaders are calling for a period of mourning, to honor the hundreds of Pakistani tribesmen killed in Afghanistan over the last few months. The survivors of these battles are returning to their homes in Pakistan, and telling of their adventures across the border (which consisted mostly of terrorizing or killing civilians, or burning down schools.)

October 23, 2006: Eastern India is experiencing continued Maoist violence. The Maoists are attacking police leaders, while counter-terror teams track down and kill or capture Maoist leaders. So far this year, nearly 600 people have died in Maoist violence, about a third of them rebels, and most of the rest civilians. The Maoists have increased their attacks against civilians, to try and intimidate informants, and force civilians to provide support for the rebels.

October 22, 2006: Indian police arrested a soldier on his way to Nepal, to hand over military secrets (on a memory sticks, and photos) to Pakistani intelligence. The soldier served in a communications unit. India has found Pakistan increasingly using Nepal as a base for intelligence operations against India.

October 21, 2006: Indian border guards continue to battle terrorists crossing over from Pakistan, killing at least a few a week. Pakistan is still not doing anything effective to guard its side of the border.

October 20, 2006: In Baluchistan, Pakistani security forces now have to worry more about attacks on passenger trains. Tribesmen are now using RPGs to attack trains passing through their territory. In northwest Pakistan, a bomb in a market killed seven and wounded thirty.




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