India-Pakistan: Annual Winter Break Arrives in the Tribal Areas


October 17, 2006: The violence continues in Kashmir, although it also continues to decline. Some 17,000 people have died since Islamic radicals began their terrorism campaign against Indian control of Kashmir.

October 15, 2006: In Pakistanis border region (the Pushtun tribal areas in the north, and the Baluchi tribes in the southwest) violence is low key, with several tribal feuds causing fewer than a dozen casualties a week. There is still some Islamic terrorism, but at the rate of less than one attack a month. Most everyone is preparing to halt fighting for the Winter, and get back to the killing in the Spring.

October 14, 2006: The Pakistani government is beginning its annual census of Afghan refugees. There were three million according to last years count, and this years is expected to be lower because of continued migration back to Afghanistan. Pakistan would like all the refugees to be gone, as the refugee camps provide sanctuary for Taliban and criminals in general.

October 11, 2006: In Pakistan, police arrested over a dozen air force officers and civilians, for participation in a recent attempt to set off bombs near the presidential residence. This is the third assassination attempt against president Musharraf since he took power in 1999. Like the other assassins, the latest ones were Islamic radicals.




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