India-Pakistan: Moslems Violently Protest Being Called Violent


September 19, 2006: Islamic terrorists from Pakistan continue to make Kashmir a bloody battleground between Islamic radicals and infidels (non-Moslem civilians and police). The death toll is over a hundred a month, with many more wounded. A Christian churches in Kashmir was attacked by Islamic conservatives, upset over remarks by the Pope (who said that Moslems were
violent). Similar demonstrations occurred throughout India and Pakistan.
So far this year, security forces in Kashmir have killed 150 Islamic terrorists, while 60 have surrendered and 39 were captured. There has been an increase in terrorists sneaking across the border from Pakistan this year, and a decline (about 50 percent) in Kashmiri Moslems participating in the violence.
September 18, 2006: Indian police arrested two Islamic terrorist leaders, and seized documents indicating that Indian Moslems were being recruited for terrorist training back in Pakistan. Trained terrorists have been returning and are active in planning more attacks in India.
Interrogations and currency seizures has led India to believe that a Pakistani currency counterfeiting operation in Baluchistan has sent over $30 billion worth of fake Indian currency into India. The counterfeit cash is shipped to Dubai, and from there criminal gangs and traders move the money into India. Indian banks have seized some $400,000 worth of the fake notes so far. The Pakistani government is believed behind the counterfeiting effort.
In northern Pakistan, along the Afghan border, a car bomb went off, killing two and wounding over a dozen.
September 16, 2006: Increasingly, Bangladesh is becoming a safe haven for Maoist and Islamic terrorists, and the Islamic terrorism has become more popular within Bangladesh itself.
September 15, 2006: In eastern India's Chhattisgarh state, Maoists clashed with police, resulting in five rebels being killed. Bomb making materials and documents were recovered. So far this year, nearly 300 people have died in Maoist related violence.
September 13, 2006: The rebellious tribes in southwest Pakistan (Baluchistan) have created an atmosphere of terror that has led to increased bandit activity, including kidnapping gangs. The rebellious tribes are now using roadside bombs to attack government security forces, and government personnel in general.




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