India-Pakistan: A Death in the Family


August 30, 2006: Along Pakistan's western border with Afghanistan, the army has maintained a truce with the Pushtun tribes throughout the Summer. This, however, has not prevented groups of pro-Taliban Pushtuns from crossing the border to fight in Afghanistan. But Pakistan's main objective is keep the peace among the tribes. To that end, ten pro-Taliban tribal leaders were recently released from jail, as part of the deal that kept the ceasefire going. However, the tribes have refused to police their own people in order to prevent tribesmen joining Taliban gangs inside Afghanistan.
In southwest Pakistani, a memorial service for chief Bugti turned violent, leaving at least four dead. Nawab Akbar Bugti's body has not yet been recovered, because he died when air force bombs caused the roof of the cave, he was hiding in, to collapse. They are still digging out the body. The death of Nawab Akbar Bugti will be added to a long list of grievances the Baluchi tribes have with the Pakistanis, and numerous other foreigners who have tried to impose control over Baluchistan.
August 29, 2006: In southwest Pakistan, 1,500 armed Baluchi tribesmen, of the Bugti tribe, surrendered to the army. Although many Baluchis were angry at the death of chief Nawab Akbar Bugti, they also recognized that many of the Bugti tribe military advisors died with the chief, and that the tribe has no military leadership at the moment. Time to make peace for a while.
August 26, 2006: In southwest Pakistan, troops found and raided the caves where rebel Baluchi tribal chief and his bodyguard had been hiding. Over three dozen Baluchis were killed, including Nawab Akbar Bugti, the 79 year old chief of the Bugti tribe. He was a popular tribal chief throughout the Baluchi tribes. News of his caused riots in Quetta, the provincial capital. Over 300 people were arrested and dozens of shops were destroyed or damaged.




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