India-Pakistan: Rural Rebels Rampant


August 25, 2006: American and Pakistani intelligence officials disagreed over the likelihood that al Qaeda head Osama bin Laden is hiding in northern Pakistan. The U.S. officials believe that the prevalence of Islamic conservatives in this area, and the presence of Islamic terrorist training camps as well, provides sufficient local support to hide bin Laden. Pakistani officials believe that there are too many people hostile to Islamic terrorism up north, for a six foot tall Arab to go unnoticed. And then there's the $25 million reward for information on bin Laden. Actually, there have been people providing tips, in an attempt to collect the money. But so far, the information has proved false, or bin Laden had moved on by the time it could be acted on. Pakistan would like to see bin Laden caught, but not in Pakistan.
August 24, 2006: Two bombs went off in southwest Pakistan (Baluchistan), leaving a dozen wounded. Several other clashes with tribal rebels left five dead and several wounded. The government insists it has defeated the tribal rebels, but the violence won't stop.
In Mumbai, India, police killed an Islamic terrorist who was trying to meet with other terrorists.
August 21, 2006: India is sending 11 battalions of police to deal with the growing Maoist rebellion in rural areas of southern and eastern India. The Maoists promise the poor farmers a better economic deal, and often drive away government officials and landlords in remote areas. The government is also allowing landlord groups to form their own, legal, militias to battle the Maoists.
August 19, 2006: Police in India continue to round up Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Indian Islamic terrorists. Captured documents and interrogations have provided additional leads, that indicate a lot of these fellows are entering India from Bangladesh. The long border with Bangladesh has long portions covered with jungle, and this provides access for smugglers, illegal migrants and terrorists.
August 19, 2006: In southern India, Maoist rebels attacked a police station, killing three policemen.
August 18, 2006: In northeast India, tribal rebels agreed to a ceasefire. There had been several violent incidents in the past few months, and the government responded with lots of force.




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