India-Pakistan: Baluchis Beaten Down


August 8, 2006: In the last three days, at least eight people have been killed during counter-terrorist operations in Indian Kashmir. Soldiers hunting down terrorist hideout killed two Islamic terror group "battalion commanders." Three soldiers were killed in the operations.
August 7, 2006: Tribal separatists in northeast India continue to cause trouble, despite ongoing peace talks. In the last year, the ULFA (United Liberation Front of Asom) has engaged in dozens of violent acts, and left nearly a hundred people dead. ULFA negotiators have met with the government several times, but the rebels are not eager to agree to a ceasefire. ULFA violence is up, for the first six months of this year, compared to the same period in 2005. It appears that, while most ULFA members are tired of decades of violence, and little to show for it, a minority of ULFA members want to carry on. There is also a faction in the ULFA that wants the government to free four, or more, senior ULFA leaders who are in prison. Other ULFA factions are more interested in the extortion rackets they are running, and the big money they are making. While the ULFA violence is not as big a headache as the Islamic terrorists in the northwest (Kashmir), the northeastern violence is just as persistent.
August 5, 2006: In Pakistani Baluchistan, a large arms cache was discovered outside the provincial capital. The cache included 260 rockets, 140 pounds of explosives and 60,000 rounds of AK-47 ammo. The tribal uprising in Baluchistan has suffered a setback with the defeat of several tribal chiefs. As a result of this, more troops are monitoring the border with Afghanistan, and making life more difficult for the Taliban operating on both sides of the border.
August 2, 2006: In Indian Kashmir, Islamic terrorists continue with their hand grenade campaign. Easy to conceal and use, at least six grenade attacks have wounded over thirty people, and killed about twelve, in the last few weeks. Dozens of grenades have been captured in terrorist arms caches lately. It's unclear what the Islamic terror groups hope to accomplish with the grenade attacks, because they are inaccurate and most of the casualties are Moslem civilians.




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