India-Pakistan: Moslem Traitors in the Army


August 1, 2006: For the first time, Moslem soldiers in the Indian army have been found cooperating with Islamic terrorists. The three soldiers, stationed in Kashmir, come from a state that borders Kashmir. There have been problems before with Moslem security personnel recruited in Kashmir, who cooperated with terrorists because of terrorist threats to their families or themselves. India's multi-ethnic, multi-religious army, has rarely has problems with divided loyalties. But such treasonous behavior does occur, although rarely.
July 31, 2006: An explosion occurred in Pakistan's largest weapons manufacturing complex. Sabotage was not suspected.
July 30, 2006: In Kashmir, police continue to have increased success in arresting, or killing, terrorists and, especially, terrorist leaders. The local population has turned against the Islamic terrorists in a big way, after years of terrorist violence and no results. The Islamic terrorists continue to make attacks, usually with hand grenades. This is an indiscriminate weapon, and civilians are usually the victims.
July 26, 2006: A senior Maoist leader, and a dozen followers, were killed in a police raid in southern India. So far this year, over a hundred Maoist terrorists have been killed, compared to about 150 last year. Attempts to negotiate with the Maoists this year failed, and the Maoists pretty much declared war. That hasn't worked either.




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