India-Pakistan: Baluchi Rebels Beaten


July 25, 2006: Indian police, in the last few days, have killed the leader of Maoist rebels in Andhra Pradesh state, along with several Maoist gunmen. Indian police have made more arrests in connection with the Mumbai bombings, but have still not established a connection with Pakistani based Islamic terrorists. Pakistan insists the Islamic terrorists are from radical groups in India. There are more Moslems in India than in Pakistan, although there is much less Islamic radicalism in India.
July 24, 2006: Satellite photos show that Pakistan is building a larger plutonium production reactor (capable of producing plutonium for 40 bombs a year) next to its current reactor (capable of producing enough plutonium for two bombs a year). Pakistan has not signed any agreements to limit its nuclear arsenal, and rejected this interpretation of its current nuclear weapons activities.
July 23, 2006: In Kashmir, Islamic terrorists attacked a police base for the third time in the last week.
July 21, 2006: In Pakistani Baluchistan, some 300 tribal rebels surrendered, along with their leaders and weapons, to take part in an amnesty deal. Pakistan said this effectively ended the tribal rebellion in Baluchistan. Several divisions of soldiers and thousands of additional police have been in Baluchistan, pursuing tribal rebels. Pakistan believes that only three of 77 tribal chief in Pakistan are supporting rebellion in the province. Two of those chiefs had surrendered, and the other was on the run.
July 20, 2006: In Kashmir, Indian police killed six Islamic terrorists. Police also arrested three Indian Moslems in connection with the recent Mumbai bombings. The men had connections with Islamic terrorists in Bangladesh. Pakistan insisted the Mumbai bombers had nothing to do with Pakistani groups, and refused to arrest and had over the leaders of Islamic terrorist groups headquartered in Pakistan, and mostly operating in Kashmir.
July 19, 2006: In the last year, Pakistan has registered 5,511 religious schools (madrasses). As a result of that, 487 foreign students at these schools were expelled (because they did not have permission from their governments). Another 784 foreign students are being deported for the same reason. The foreign students are often involved with Islamic terrorist groups.




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