India-Pakistan: The Camps in Question


May 23, 2006: The Pakistani government is giving the Baluchi tribes the carrot and the stick. More money is coming in, along with more troops to fight those who still want Baluchi independence. In Indian Kashmir, Islamic terrorists continue to use grenades to make attacks on civilians, leaving three dozen wounded.

May 22, 2006: In Kashmir, Islamic terrorists attacked a pro-India political rally, killing eight and wounding twenty. The terrorists are trying to prevent peace talks that would take away much of the remaining popular support the terrorists have among the areas Moslem population. India continues to insist that Pakistan is allowing Islamic terrorists to rebuild camps, damaged in last years earthquakes, just across the border. Pakistan denies everything.

May 21, 2006: Near the Afghan border, a man tossed a grenade at check point, killing two soldiers, before being killed himself. This kind of random violence is becoming very common along the Afghan border, because the tribesmen resent the presence of so many soldiers and paramilitaries.

May 20, 2006: British and Afghan officials have become increasingly blunt, and detailed, in their accusations that Pakistan is looking the other way as Taliban leaders operate freely in Quetta, a town near that Afghan border in Baluchistan. British officials described a network of 25 Taliban unit commanders and their men, who hid out in villages and refugee camps along the Afghan border and raided into Afghanistan. Pakistan denies all this, yet the battles still occur on the Afghan border, when some of the Taliban are caught coming or going. Quetta is a dangerous place for journalists, but there is definitely pro-Taliban activity in Quetta. When the Taliban comments on all this, they insist they are not in Pakistan, but instead in Afghan bases.




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