India-Pakistan: Baluchistan Burning


May 17, 2006: In Pakistani Baluchistan, tribal rebels blew up a portion of a gas pipeline, killing at least one civilian in the process.

May 16, 2006: In Kashmir, yet another tip from villagers, led police to a camp used by Islamic terrorists. Four terrorists were killed, and a large quantity of weapons and documents were recovered. This group of terrorists had been killing non-Moslems in the area, which upset many of the local Moslems, who did not want to see a religious war in the region.

In Pakistan's North Waziristan, eight Islamist terrorists, including three foreigners, were killed in a clash with the army. One soldier also died. In another operation in the area, two policemen died.

In eastern India, Maoist rebels killed 12 civilians by blowing up their truck at night, after mistaking them for a police vehicle.

May 15, 2006: In Pakistani Baluchistan, tribal rebels destroyed some electricity transmission towers, interrupting power to the provincial capital for over a day.

May 14, 2006: In eastern India, Maoist rebels lost one of their leaders in a clash with the police.

May 13, 2006: In Pakistani Baluchistan, a government official was murdered by tribal rebels.

In eastern India, several hundred Maoist rebels attacked a refugee camp, killed four civilians, and wounded many others.

May 12, 2006: In Kashmir, Hindus demonstrating against Islamic terrorists had a grenade thrown at them, apparently by an Islamic terrorists, that left two dead and 24 wounded.

May 11, 2006: In southwest Pakistan, Baluchi tribesmen planted mines at an army facility, which killed six policemen and wounded 13. Over 150 have died in Baluchistan so far this year, as tribes try to force the government to hand over a larger share of the oil revenue being produced in the area.




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