India-Pakistan: Tribal and Communist Violence


April 10, 2006: In Indian Kashmir, violence against the Moslem population, by Islamic radicals, continues. An increasing number of Kashmiri Moslems are backing moderates, in an effort to end the fighting in the area. The Islamic radicals are trying to terrorize Moslems into changing their minds. The threats are being backed up by violence, often resulting in the deaths of Moslem civilians. Meanwhile, in southwest Pakistan, a bomb went off killing one and wounding 14. Baluchi tribal separatists are believed responsible.

April 9, 2006: In Pakistan, the government has declared the Baluchistan Liberation Army (BLA) as terrorist organization. In southwest Pakistan, many captured terrorists have said the BLA provided money and training. The BLA wants to establish a separate Baluchi state.

Indian Maoist rebels destroyed a length of railroad track, as part of a campaign to secure the release of imprisoned Maoists.

April 8, 2006: Over 25,000 Nepalese refugees, from the Maoist violence, have fled to India.

April 7, 2006: In central India, Maoist rebels killed three civilians and wounded seven, in terror attacks against villagers believed to be supporting the police against the Maoists.

April 6, 2006: In southwest Pakistan, Baluchi separatists set off a bomb in a government building. There were no casualties. To the north, in the Pushtun tribal areas, soldiers killed about 40 pro-Taliban gunmen, and captured over twenty. At least four soldiers were killed. The army has over 100,000 troops operating against hostile Baluchi and Pushtun tribes in western Pakistan.

April 4, 2006: In March, the Pakistani army believes it killed at least 200 hostile Pushtun tribesmen in northwestern Pakistan.




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