India-Pakistan: The Afghan Border is Burning


March 1, 2006: In Pakistan, Islamic and opposition parties have, over the last week, organized dozens of major demonstrations against the Danish cartoons. Several dozen people have died in these demonstrations. The main point is not the cartoons, but a desire to bring down the military dictatorship. For the moment, the opposition doesn't have the means to do that.

Pakistani troops on the Afghan border have killed several dozen Taliban and tribal rebels. Pakistani troops had eased up on operations in the tribal areas earlier in the month. But now, apparently because of pressure from the U.S. and Afghanistan, troops are moving through the tribal areas again. Because it's Winter, the Pakistanis use their helicopters to raid villages that are cut off from reinforcement.

February 28, 2006: Pakistan disagreed with Afghan accusations that captured Taliban had given accurate confessions that they operated from Pakistani bases.

In eastern India, Maoist rebels set off a bomb under a truck, killing 55 civilians. The Maoists had threatened such an attack if local civilians did not stop assisting police. The Maoists have long used terror to get civilians to help them, or not help the police.

In Bangladesh, the leader of Islamic terrorist leader, Shaikh Abdur Rahman, was captured. Rahman leads the Jamaatul Mujahidden Bangladesh (JMB), a group that has killed some thirty people in bomb attacks over the past year.

February 26, 2006: In eastern India, three policemen were killed when their vehicle hit a Maoist mine. The Maoists have increasingly used anti-vehicle mines to attack police, and civilians.

February 24, 2006: A bomb went off in a video store in Pakistan's tribal northwest. This was probably an action by local Islamic radicals, who consider videos to be un-Islamic.




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