India-Pakistan: Communists Go To War In India


January 31, 2006: Several dozen U.S. Air Force and CIA Predator UAVs are operating along the Afghan-Pakistani border. Some twenty attacks have been made using the UAVs armed with Hellfire missiles. Some of these attacks may have used smart bombs as well. There are not a lot of reporters out there, and the bases the UAVs operate from are closed to the public. The Predators are trying to monitor movement across the border, and track leads to al Qaeda and Taliban leaders. Pakistan tolerates the UAV activity because the U.S. shares information about tribal activities. The tribes have resisted central government control for thousands of years.

In eastern India, several days of fighting between Maoist rebels and police has left 11 dead (three civilians and eight rebels.) The rebels have been trying to take control of rural parts of the country, and the result has been a low level war.

January 30, 2006: In southwest Pakistan, Baluchi tribesmen released nine Iranian border guards being held in order to force the release of 16 Baluchi tribesmen held in Iran. It's not known if Iran released anyone.

In Indian Kashmir, Indian security forces continued to run down Islamic terrorists, killing three. One policeman was killed. On the other side of the border, enormous earthquake damage still hobbles the activities of the Islamic terrorists (who used to have their camps in the earthquake zone.)

January 29, 2006: On the Kashmir Line of Control, Indian troops killed at least nine Pakistani Islamic terrorists trying to cross over. India has installed new sensors along the line, which had made it much more difficult to pass undetected.

In southwest Pakistan, Baluchi tribesmen blew up a portion of railroad track, as well as a natural gas pipeline.

January 26, 2006: Fighting continues in the Waziristan area of Pakistan, with tribesmen and troops killing each other.




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