India-Pakistan: August 14, 2002


Last night, in Pakistan (160 kilometers southwest of the capital) police seized a car loaded with explosives and munitions. The men in the car admitted they were planning to disrupt the August 14th Independence Day celebrations.

Drug use in Pakistan is an increasing problem. Today, a gang of armed drug addicts attacked a market place in western Pakistan, leaving seven dead and 19 wounded. 

At least 16 Pakistani Islamic militants were arrested for involvement in recent attacks on Christians. 

Pakistani president Musharraf gave a speech to the nation, in English (meaning most Pakistanis, especially most Islamic militant supporters, could not understand it) condemning Islamic militants and attacks on Pakistani Christians. He also said Pakistan would never compromise on Kashmir. This poses a major problem when it comes to cracking down on Islamic militants attacking the government and non-Moslems. All the militants are behind the violence in Kashmir, meaning that to suppress the militants means being accused of crippling the rebels in Kashmir. Pakistan is apparently trying to capture just the men involved in the attacks on the government and non-Moslems, without taking down the organizations they belong to, or attacking the militant's bases in Pakistani Kashmir. 

In Kashmir, rebel action left three soldiers and one civilian dead.  


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