India-Pakistan: April 6, 2002



The Indian government reported that 3-4,000 Moslem militants are waiting on the Pakistan side of the Line of Control to cross into Indian territory. They are expected to start crossing in September in an attempt to disrupt elections. Local authorities believe some 400 Kashmiri young men have crossed into Pakistani territory in the last year to receive training from the militants. Crossing the Line of Control is an increasingly deadly process, and an increasing proportion  of the casualties to Kashmiri militants occur here. The tempo of fighting has increased. In the first three months of '02, 270 rebels were killed. In the same period last year, only 160 died. This increase in rebel operations on both sides of the Line of Control keeps the tension high between Pakistan and India. There is the belief in India that this indicates a lack of effort by Pakistan to crack down on the Kashmir separatists operating out of Pakistan controlled Kashmir. This is apparently true. The violence today in Kashmir left eight rebels, two soldiers and two civilians dead. 


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