India-Pakistan: March 1, 2002


: The fall of the Taliban in Afghanistan has caused many of the more bloody minded members of Pakistani radical organizations to flee their training camps and refuges in Afghanistan. This has led to an increase in violence between warring Islamic organizations (usually Shia versus Sunni.) The most effective killers belonging to radical Islamic groups often had refuges in Taliban controlled Afghanistan. With those refuges gone, and the Pakistani government cracking down on radicalism, the situation is getting decidedly tense. Today, a prominent Shia leader was shot and wounded. These attacks on Pakistani Shias also hurt relations with largely Shia Iran. 

In Kashmir, rebel activity left one policeman, and 11 rebels dead. 

Pakistan will try the leader of the group that kidnapped and killed a Wall Street Journal reporter. America wanted the man, Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh, extradited to the United States. But Sheikh wants to stay in Pakistan, where his radical friends can possibly free him, through force, or influence among radical Islamic members of the government.


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