India-Pakistan: February 27, 2002


: Moslems attacked a train carrying Hindu militants. The resulting fire left 57 dead. The Hindu militants were traveling from the site of a mosque torn down in 1992. Militant Hindus want to rebuild a temple torn down by Moslems centuries ago. Over 2,000 people have died since them from violence associated with the site. 

The United States has offered a $5 million reward for information leading to the capture of those who kidnapped and killed American journalist Daniel Pearl.

Artillery duels across the Line of Control in Kashmir left four Pakistani civilians dead. 

Police in Kashmir killed three rebel leaders in two clashes. 

India announced that in 1991, violence in Kashmir left 3,465 dead. This included 2,020 rebels, 909 civilians (including 52 politicians and 48 government employees). Local police lost 128 men, while 408 soldiers and security troops died. All this brings the death toll in the 12 year old, Pakistani backed armed rebellion in Kashmir to some 35,000. 


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