India-Pakistan: October 8, 2001



In Quetta, a Pushtun town on the Afghan border, thousands of pro-Taliban demonstrators rampaged through the streets and burned several buildings. Taliban pilots flew five of their helicopters into Pakistan, where the helicopters were seized and the crews arrested. Pakistan has used the fact that Indian and Pakistan are on the same side of the War on Terrorism to propose additional peace talks with India over Kashmir. The biggest stumbling block in this dispute is that if it were left up to the majority Moslem population of Kashmir, the province would join Pakistan. But no Indian politician could survive such a move. To make matters worse, India accuses Pakistan of being a major supporter of terrorism for Pakistan's support of anti-Indian terrorists in Kashmir. Pakistan also has a problem with many pro-Taliban officers in the armed forces. To this end, president Musharraf has removed two pro-Taliban generals from troops commands (giving them "promotions" to jobs that don't control troops) and replaced the commander of the ISI (the Pakistani military intelligence agency that always backed the Taliban.)

In Kashmir, Indian troops killed eight rebels (including a top rebel leader) in several incidents. A soldier and two civilians were also killed. Kashmiri Moslems demonstrated against the US attacks on Afghanistan, leaving 20 wounded. 


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