India-Pakistan: In The Name of God and Independence


September 24, 2007: In Pakistan, the Taliban are terrorizing, and murdering, pro-government tribesmen. That's a sign of desperation, because similar tactics in Afghanistan played into the governments hands. But in Pakistan, the Taliban believe their own propaganda, that they are on a mission from God, and anything goes. Some tribes have already turned against the Taliban and al Qaeda. The problem with the tribes is that government soldiers and police are just doing their job in fighting the tribesmen. But for the tribes, fighting the government is their profession, and major goal in their lives. While tribesmen may dislike the Taliban, they dislike increased government control even more. This is always a major issue in the endless negotiations army officers and government officials have with tribal elders.

September 23, 2007: In eastern India, Maoist rebels made several attacks, in response to police arrests of Maoist leaders recently, and to enforce a 24 hour strike.

September 22, 2007: In Pakistan, the Taliban released 25 of 250 soldiers captured in an ambush four weeks ago. The ambush is believed to have been carried out with the help of pro-Taliban soldiers. A number of the Pushtun soldiers (about 12 percent of the army) have been found to be Islamic radicals and pro-terrorist. The group that is holding the captive soldiers is demanding the release of arrested Taliban, and the withdrawal of the army from three bases in Waziristan. In the same area, a suicide car bomber attacked an army convoy, damaging one army truck and killing the suicide bomber.

September 21, 2007: In Bangladesh, Islamic radicals held demonstrations in the capital to protest cartoons in local magazines. The cartoons were interpreted by some Islamic conservatives as being insulting to Islam. But the main reason for the demonstrations is to try and break down the power of the caretaker military government, which is trying to organize new elections. The problem with that is the two main political parties are mired in corruption. So whoever gets elected will resume the stealing and patronage appointments that have impoverished the country and made the government ineffective. A minority backs the Islamic radicals, who call for a religious dictatorship, and promise to abolish corruption.

September 20, 2007: Osama bin Laden has now come out and openly called for rebellion against the Pakistani government. The Pushtun tribes along the Afghan border have always been in rebellion against the government, but this fight is mainly about Taliban control of some areas along the border. These areas are being used as terrorist bases, for attacks on Afghanistan, and for training terrorists for world-wide operations.

September 19, 2007: In Pakistan's northwest tribal regions, pro-Taliban tribesmen are attacking the army checkpoints that are restricting movement of terrorists. Over fifty troops and Taliban have died in these battles over the last few days. Most of this fighting is in the Waziristan, where the Taliban are strongest. Normally, most of the government troops in the area are from the Frontier Corps, a paramilitary organization belonging to the Interior Ministry and recruited locally. These men often have divided loyalties, and cannot always be depended to fighting against tribal, or Taliban, militias.




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