Congo: International Marauder Patrol Formed



Democratic Republic of the Congo (formerly Zaire)

February 12, 2007: Ugandan, the south Sudan separatists, and Congo have reached an agreement regarding the exchange of intelligence about rebel groups in their border areas. The agreement appears to be one designed to control LRA infiltrators who move from bases in the eastern Congo into Sudan and Uganda. Rebels and bandits belonging to dozens of different gangs and groups have used the borders to escape peacekeepers, police and army pursuit. This new information exchange program will enable countries to cooperate in shutting down these international marauders. Most of the millions who have died in the Congo in recent years, were killed by these gangs, who murder with abandon, in order to terrorize their victims into submission.

February 9, 2007: The number of people killed in post-election violence last week in western Congo was 134. However, 87 died in Bas-Congo province (western Congo). The UN is sending more police to that area.

February 7, 2007: The UN is extending the UN peacekeeping mission in the Congo (MONUC) for another two months. The mandate was to expire on February 15.




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