Algeria: Free Advertising for Terrorists


May 12, 2007: The death toll from the war with Islamic terrorism is on the rise again. In January, 21 died, 18 died in February, 45 in March and 81 in April. Most of the dead were Islamic terrorists, even in April, where terrorist bombs killed 33, but 28 terrorists died as well. The number of terrorists involved is still small, way under a thousands, but they are out to kill, and will keep trying until they are all dead, driven out of the country or arrested.

May 8, 2007: Satellite news channel al Jazeera ran an al Qaeda recruiting video, which showed suicide bombers in an Algerian training camp preparing for the April 11 attacks that killed them, and nearly 30 civilians. This kind of exposure is a major assist for terrorist recruiting. Al Qaeda in Algeria needs all the help it can get, because the April attacks created a major backlash from the general population, and even other Islamic conservatives.

May 6, 2007: In Morocco, police have arrested 49 terrorist suspects, in the wake of suicide bomber attacks in March and April. The terrorists appear to be local, with no international involvement beyond Arab satellite news and Internet content that promotes Islamic terrorism. Another twenty people, who ran a terrorist recruiting operation, were also arrested. This crew sent volunteers to a terrorist training camp in Algeria. In the last four years, Morocco has arrested some 3,000 terrorism suspects.

April 30, 2007: Chasing down the associates of dead suicide bombers, from the attacks earlier this month, have led to the arrest of at least five more men, who admitted to participation in al Qaeda operations.




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