Algeria: One Way Tickets to Iraq


April 6, 2007: Police have arrested 120 men as terrorism suspects. These men were not planning operations in Algeria, but in Iraq. Some of the men had gone to Iraq to fight for al Qaeda, and survived to come back. But most of those arrested were recruiting volunteers, or had volunteered but not yet made the trip. The group also raised money to pay for transportation. Most of the volunteers who went to Iraq, never made it back.

April 5, 2007: In Mauritania, police arrested three Algerians and four Mauritanians on terrorism charges. One of those arrested was in the Mauritanian army. Al Qaeda has been trying to establish bases in countries like Mauritania, just south of Algeria. The terrorists have had some success, but have spent all their energy just surviving. April 4, 2007: For the last week, several thousand troops, backed by helicopters and fixed wing aircraft, have conducted sweeps of areas in eastern Algeria, where Islamic terrorists have been known to have rural camps. So far, about twenty suspects have been killed, several dozen arrested and as many as 70 forced to flee their camps. April 2, 2007: Russian weapons salesmen are negotiating a $7 billion deal with Algeria, to provide T-90 tanks, a modern air defense system and additional warplanes. March 13, 2007: Two Islamic terrorists were killed when the roadside bomb they were planting, east of the capital, went off accidentally.

March 12, 2007: The American embassy posted a notice that Islamic terrorists might be trying to put bombs on commercial aircraft carrying Westerners in Algeria.


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