Surface Forces: Ada Class Corvettes


March 17, 2024: Ukraine has two Ada-class corvettes being built partially in a Turkish shipyard, and then moved to the Okeans shipyard in Ukraine for completion, Five Adas have been built for Turkey, four for Pakistan and two for Ukraine.

The two Ukrainian ships are.

F211 Hetman Ivan Mazepa which began construction in October 2022 and is now fitting out Ukraine

F212 Hetman Pavlo Skoropadskyi began construction in Turkey during August 2023

Ada-Class ships are 2,400-ton corvettes that are a hundred meters long and designed for patrol and anti-submarine operations. Cruise speed is twenty-eight kilometers an hour and at that speed the ship can travel up to 6,500 kilometers. Max speed is fifty-six kilometers an hour. Crew size is ninety-three but there are accommodations for 106 personnel. Endurance is ten days on internal supplies and three weeks if there is a supply ship available. Electronics include air and sea search, sonar, and fire control systems for all weapons. There is also a SIGINT (electronic signals intelligence) system.

Weapons carried include one 76mm gun and two 12.7mm machine-guns that can be used manually or automatically by the fire control system. There are eight anti-ship missiles, either Harpoon or a similar model. There is a RIM-116 Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM) air defense missile system with twenty-one missiles that have a range of ten kilometers. There are two launchers for lightweight anti-submarine torpedoes. There is also a torpedo defense system. A Seahawk anti-submarine warfare helicopter is carried and operated from a landing pad in the rear of the ship. There is a hangar for the helicopter and UAVs used for patrolling. There are also two RHIB (Rigid Inflatable boats) with outboard engines for boarding parties.

Some of the Turkish Adas will be used for patrolling the northern, Black Sea coast of Turkey. The Ukrainian Adas will patrol the shipping corridor from the port of Odessa to the nearby waters of NATO members Romania, Bulgaria, and Turkey, where ships are safe from Russian attack. Using this route Ukraine has been able to continue grain shipments as well as imports for Ukraine. Ukraine also has used a large force of armed UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) and USVs (unmanned surface vessels) to destroy most of the Russian Black Sea Fleet and force the remaining Russian warships to stay in the eastern Black Sea. Even there Ukrainian unmanned systems continue to destroy Russian warships the Ukrainians consider too close to Ukrainian shipping lanes. The Russian Black Sea Fleet dominated the Black Sea for over two centuries, until Russia invaded Ukraine in 2022. Since then, the Ukrainians have driven the Black Sea Fleet from the western Black Sea. Now Ukraine is obtaining two Ada class corvettes to assist in keeping what is left of the Russian Black Sea Fleet out of the western portions of the Black Sea.




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