Surface Forces: American Patrol Boats For Lebanon


July 25, 2012: The U.S. Navy’s Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) has completed construction of the first of several AMPs (Advanced Multi-mission Platform) or coastal patrol boats for Lebanon. This is part of American military aid to help rebuild the Lebanese armed forces and make is less vulnerable to the Iranian supported Hezbollah militia.

The AMP is a 43.5 meter (145 foot) ship that displaces 265 tons and has a top speed of over 50 kilometers an hour. Minimum crew is six but may be as large as 22 sailors. The AMP contains a lot of lightweight composite materials and a high degree of automation. Endurance is 5-7 days, depending on crew size and how much time is spent at high speed. Armament usually consists of an autocannon and machine-guns. The AMP can also carry and launch one or more small inflatable boats for sending boarding parties to inspect ships and boats. Each AMP costs about $29 million.




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