Surface Forces: July 8, 2005


Pakistan and China have released more details about the four F22P class frigates China is selling Pakistan. These ships are based on the Chinese Jiangwei II class frigates. The first of the Jiangwei II's  entered service in late 1998, followed by three more, and several more are still under construction. China will build the first F22P, while the other three will be built in Pakistan. The 342 foot long Jiangwei II displaced 2,400 tons, but the F22P is expected to be a little longer, and heavier, perhaps as much as 3,000 tons. The F22P will probably carry anti-ship missiles, anti-aircraft missiles, a 100mm gun, anti-submarine weapons and a helicopter. Crew will be about 180 sailors, and each ship will cost about $150 million. The new American LCS weighs about the same, but has only a third as many sailors in the crew, lots more automation and costs $250 million. The first F22P is to be delivered in two years. 




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