Surface Forces: New Norwegian Coast Guard Ships


November 23, 2023: Norway is in the process of procuring three new arctic coast guard ships of the Jan Mayen class. The ships displace 9,800 tons, are 136 meters (435 feet) long and can accommodate up to a hundred people. The rear deck can support helicopter operations and a hangar can house two NH90 helicopters. The ship has hospital operating rooms for treating casualties. The ship has telescoping davits to launch and recover fast rescue boats up to 8.5 meters long. The ship can also accommodate two RHIBs (Rigid hull inflatable boats).

The ships are armed and have a fire control system that enables the ship to detect, track and fight threats effectively and accurately. The ship can be equipped with a small cannon, machine-guns and storage space for naval mines and lightweight torpedoes carried and used by helicopters.

The ship navigation system uses a naval INS (inertial navigation system) as well as a gyrocompass and satellite-based data link that keeps navigation systems up to date. There is also a naval communications system that enables the crew to keep in touch with those on the ship as well as communicate with those elsewhere.

The ship has sonar that can detect and track torpedoes and other small underwater objects. The sonar can be withdrawn into the ship when sea conditions are rough, or ice is forming.

The ship has a 3D radar as well as a separate radar for IFF (Identification Friend of Foe) purposes. The 3D radar can track aerial and naval objects as well as assist in helicopter landings and takeoffs.

The ship has a diesel-electric propulsion system that enables speeds of up to 40 kilometers an hour and can stay at sea for at least 60 days at a time before needing resupply of fuel and other items.

The ships cost about $208 million each and the first one was delivered in 2022, with the other two following in 2023 and 2024. These three ships are replacing three smaller, 40-year-old Nordkapp class ships.




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