Surface Forces: Poland And The Norwegian Anti-Ship Missiles


January 21, 2012: Poland has increased its order for Norwegian Naval Strike Missiles (NSM). The original order was for 24 missiles and twelve launchers. The launchers and trucks to transport them will be supplied by Poland for use in a coastal defense system. The most likely foe is Russia, which Poland still fears. The 409 kg (900 pound) NSM anti-ship missile has a 125 kg (275 pound) warhead and a range of 185 kilometers. NSM uses GPS and inertial guidance systems, as well as a heat imaging system (and a database of likely targets) for picking out and hitting the intended ship. Norwegian manufacturer Kongsberg was originally going to provide radar and control systems, so that several batteries of the missiles may coordinate their attacks. But the contract was changed to allow Polish firms to supply this equipment instead. The number of additional missiles being ordered was not specified but based on the cash amount of the contract, several dozen more missiles are apparently being bought.

NSM was designed for use on ships but, like most anti-ship missiles, it can also be adapted for use from land based launchers. Poland will begin receiving NSMs this year.




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