Surface Forces: LCS Mission Package Modules Ordered


November 9, 2010: The U.S. Navy has ordered the first three Littoral Combat Ship (LCS)  mission package modules. These are the sets of equipment that can be quickly swapped in or out of an LCS. One of the three will be a Mine Countermeasures package, while the other two will be Surface Warfare packages.

The Surface Warfare package contains a 30mm Mk 46 autocannon turret, an MH-60R helicopter, two Fire Scout helicopter like UAVs, two 11 meter (35 foot) rigid hull inflatable speed boats, and three launch containers, each with fifteen NLOS-LS Precision Attack Missiles. This is a 178mm diameter missile that weighs 55 kg (120 pounds), and has a range of 40 kilometers. PAM attacks from above, with a 13.2 kg (28 pound) warhead.

The Mine Countermeasures package contains several mine detection sensors. Some of them are towed by the ship, or an MH-60 helicopter. The package also contains two Fire Scout UAVs and a remote controlled underwater vehicle for destroying bottom mines.





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