Special Operations: Spetsnaz Mercenaries In Libya


April 11, 2011: When the Libyan rebellion began last March, several thousand foreigners were in the country who were working for the Libyan military and security forces. The largest contingent (about 500 people) was from Belarus. At least a third of this force was evacuated to Belarus once the violence began, but the rest stayed on, at higher rates of pay, to assist the Libyan military in various ways. Most of the foreigners were used to help maintain military equipment and weapons. But there were several hundred combat specialists who had been helping to train Libyan troops in special operations and counter-terrorism techniques. None of these foreigners are supposed to be fighting, but some may be. They have all been offered high rates of pay, and some of the foreign special operations troops may have been assigned to handle VIP security in Tripoli and (no doubt for higher pay) to the east. The closer you get to the rebel forces, the more dangerous it will be. When travelling on the coastal road, you are safe if you are in a civilian vehicle (the less flashy the better) and don't have guns sticking out the windows.

Foreign reporters are not being let anywhere near these foreign troops, and the foreign troops are not wearing anything that would make them stand out. Still, a large blond-headed Spetsnaz operator from Belarus would have to take extra care to be inconspicuous.



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