Special Operations Article Archive 2016



Russia Expands Its PlaybookMore Mystery Options For JSOCOpportunity Backfires
An Unofficial Form Of Self-DefenseSecrets To Die FromStealthy Support For Afghans
Out Of Thin Air In ChinaItaly Has A Change Of MindIran Expands The Franchise
Syrian SecretsUse What Works If You Want To LiveAfghan Operators Are Calling
Stryker Showed The WayThe Need To SeeAnd The Winner Is
The Return To YemenAmerican Commandos Officially In LibyaThe Game Of Cosmodromes
What Makes It All So SpecialThe Tunisian RevelationsSpetsnaz Specialties In Syria
So Would The GIGNFrance Adopts Harvest HawkLibyan Surprise (Sort Of)
Norway Creates Female CommandosNATO Helps Rebuild Ukrainian SpetsnazSpain Creates Some Scary Specialists
Indian SOCOM Defeated By PoliticiansChina Authorizes International OperationsAustralia At Ramadi
Some Boots On The GroundBritain Returns To Special ForcesIsraeli SOCOM Evolves
Another Commando Olympics

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