Special Operations: Rangers Reluctantly Ride


August 21, 2009: The U.S. SOCOM (Special Operations Command) has been adding armor and anti-armor capabilities to its 75th Ranger Regiment. Although the three battalion of the regiment are trained as airmobile and parachute light infantry, they have their own modified (armored) hummers (GMV-R) for ground operations where the rangers need that kind of mobility. These hummers have been armed with Viper anti-tank missiles, which are also very useful when some precision long range fire power is needed, and army GPS guided shells or rockets, or air force smart bombs, are not available. One ranger company worth of Stryker wheeled armored vehicles (14 of them) has been assigned to the 75th Regiment, and these are being used in Afghanistan. Rangers have also used MRAPS. In general, rangers don't like to move around in armored vehicles, but will do so when it's necessary to get to the objective in one piece.



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