Special Operations: Jordanians Train Iraqi Commandoes


May 14, 2006: Some Jordanian Special Operations personnel are in Iraq, providing training to Iraqi forces, but are doing it discreetly. Jordan has taken the lead, at least as far as Arab countries are concerned, in helping to train the new Iraqi army and police. The Jordanian security forces are among the best trained and most professional in the Arab world. Jordan has long depended on Iraq as a trading partner and ally, even when Saddam was in charge. Jordan was not comfortable being that close with Saddam, and the Jordanian government, at least, is glad to see Saddam gone. Jordan wants the new Iraqi government to succeed, even if it is dominated by Shia Arabs (Jordan is largely Sunni). Jordan has also cooperated with Iraq in fighting Sunni Arab terrorists (al Qaeda or otherwise.) Al Qaeda has been active in Jordan as well. Jordanian commandoes are believed to have operated in Iraq as well, but no official information on these activities has ever been released.



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