Morale: China Comforts Its Captains


April 2, 2011: China is helping improve the sex lives of their junior officers. China, like many Western nations, is having problems keeping junior army officers in service. These lieutenants and captains often leave the army as soon as they can, rather than making a career out of it. So the Chinese military is allowing captains and some lieutenants to bring their wives and kids to remote posts. Currently, only higher ranking officers can do that, and it was noticed that the officers with their families on base had much better morale than the younger officers who did not.

This new policy is part of a larger effort to improve the quality of officers, and increase their willingness to make a career out of the military. To that end, pay has been raised, along with fringe benefits (like military housing for the families of young officers in remote bases.) Also, some of these remote bases are test sites for missiles and other military equipment. Many of the young officers assigned there are highly educated, and not the kind of officers the military wants to lose just because these guys miss their wives. The army has been modifying these regulations for over two decades, to allow lower, and lower, ranking officers bring their families to remote areas.





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