Morale: Cumulative Combat Pay


December27, 2006: The U.S. Army wants to modify combat pay so that those who have spent more time in combat, get more money to reflect that. This would be done by adjusting combat pay for rank, and the amount of time one has already spent in combat. Currently, combat pay is $225 a month. In addition, all your pay, for time spent in combat, is not taxable. Everyone, regardless of rank or length of service, gets the same $225. The new rules would increase the combat pay depending on rank, and previous time spent in combat. The army is still trying to come up with numbers that it can get approved by Congress. This new system is meant to help keep the most experienced combat leaders in service, and provide a bonus that recognizes that value in a tangible form. This proposed system tries to deal with the fact that the war on terror will be a long one, and will require many career troops to spend a lot of time in combat zones.




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