Morale: The Electronic Lifeline


December8, 2006: In the last decade, the Internet has become a major resource for military personnel, and often a life saving one. The Internet provides an easy way for troops to share combat knowledge with each other. This is particularly useful in wartime, when the enemy is constantly adapting and throwing new dangers your way. Someone eventually figures out how to deal with some new enemy tactic. But those troops who don't get the new knowledge are still at risk, thus the importance of the net. But in addition to email, Instant Messaging and message boards, there are also web sites devoted to new ideas, and new equipment (especially stuff the military isn't buying for you). One such site is Kitup. Reports of useful stuff, why it is useful, and where to get it, are posted here. Not all the stuff mentioned here is combat related, much of it is just items that make military life more bearable. Several similar sites are out there, and all get a lot of traffic from the combat zone, as well as family and friends of those deployed.




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