Logistics Article Archive 2009


Repaving The Silk RoadRecovery RequiredLight The Little Suckers Up And Watch Them Die
A Tender For Ships That WaitSmart Supplies Tell You Where They AreCamp Followers Crowd Into Afghanistan
Egypt Gets More HetAn Army With A CountryAl Qaeda Cut Off At The ATM
The Air Force Slips Into Second PlaceF-15Ks Starved For DataThe Missing Spares Become A Scandal
Men Go By Air, Stuff Goes By SeaHamas Struggles To Get A Big OneAmerican Tanker Follies Resume
IrreplaceableBringing It, To NigeriaAircraft Worth More Dead Than Alive
Reaching For The CoreSouth American Anti-Drug Patrol Saved By ColombiaLiving Off The Underground
Black Market Blues PersistWill Kill For Chocolate And A Chew Danger Down Under
Renewable Energy In The Combat ZoneContractors Are Here to Stay, And Always Have Been Taking Self-Serve To A New Level
Ten Year Warranty Service For B-52sKeeping TrackThe Good Stuff
The Magic Box Somalia Thrives With Government GoneZealots Discover That Cash Is King
Big Trucks For Big JobsGoing From No To Where LCS Gets A Load On
Military Transports Fly Commercial God, Literacy, Computers And Automotive MaintenanceRelieving The Mean Marine Machines
Cool Trucks For Mountain TroopsBringing FMTV Back To LifeStealth Engines Run Cheaper
Managing A Maintenance MessUSAF Secret Smart Bomb Stash At SeaThe Caspian Connection To Afghanistan
Passing Gas Through The Khyber PassThe Cost of Cast LeadIraq And The Curse
Several Servrons For SomaliaPaying The BabysitterThese Trucks Died For Our Sins
An Ancient And Honored Custom



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