Information Warfare: We Can Take The Sky From You


December 7,2008: Germany has banned Hezbollah's satellite TV channel , Al Manar, from German TV. This was done because Al Manar broadcast anti-Semitic material (which is illegal in German) and stressed how important it was to  destroy Israel. Many Arab language satellite channels have suffered a similar fate in the West, where many Moslem immigrants rely on these channels as their primary source of news. Non-Moslem terrorist groups have also had their satellite channels banned, mainly because these groups used their television to raise funds, recruit and spin their version of world events, and their terrorist activities.

For many years, Western governments ignored the growing number of foreign language news channels. Many of these channels from Moslem countries, regularly broadcast pro-terrorist views, and pit a spin on the news that helped raise money and recruits for terrorist activities. The satellite news was even more powerful because many Moslem migrants, particularly women, were illiterate in any language, and never learned to speak the language of the country they had moved to. Thus the satellite news from the old country was the only news they got. After September 11, 2001, when Western countries took a closer look at how their Moslem immigrants lived, and what they thought, they were alarmed at the high degree of pro-terrorist attitudes. Suddenly, shutting down access to these sources of pro-terrorist propaganda.





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