Information Warfare: The Angry Men


September 6, 2008:  Internet security officials just got another shock, when a British survey of network administrators (the people who run the networks, and Internet access, in large companies) revealed that 88 percent admitted they would take company Internet secrets (passwords, system layout and the like) with them if they were ever suddenly fired. This is not as shocking as it first appears. It's long been known that most data leaks and network based theft are the result of insider information. But the knowledge that so many key corporate Internet specialists would spirit away such a treasure trove (and sell to an Internet crook or Cyber War organization) if they were fired, gives Internet gangsters and Cyber War specialists a small group of people to zero in on. Turn one of these disgruntled ex-employees, and you get the Internet keys-to-the-kingdom for a large organization.

That said, network administrators are carefully selected, and usually well looked after. Since this revealing poll, these network honchos can expect to be get even better treatment, as well as being watched more carefully.




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