Information Warfare: Voice Mail As A Weapon


September 4,2008:  Israeli psychological warfare teams have again hacked Lebanese phone systems and sent recorded messages to most phone numbers up there, asking for help in finding five Israeli soldiers lost in Lebanon over the last 22 years. A ten million dollar reward was offered for any useful information.

The Lebanese have been unable to stop the Israeli phone system hacks, which was first used on a wide scale during the 2006 war with Hezbollah in southern Lebanon. In response, the Lebanese have complained to the UN, asserting that the Israeli phone hacking is a violation of the ceasefire that halted the 2006 fighting.

Israel not only hacks Lebanese phone systems, but can also insert pro-Israeli content into TV and radio broadcasts. Israeli Internet hackers are believed to have thoroughly compromised web sites in Lebanon. To the Israelis, all this is just more Information War. Using their technological superiority has always been the key to Israeli success in defending themselves against the numerically superior Arab nations that have, for over half a century, sought to destroy them.




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