Information Warfare: Phlashing To Victory


June 2,2008: A new weapon is now available for Cyber Warriors, one that enables you to damage hardware over the Internet. This is something new, and it's called Phlashing (flashing, as in changing the firmware, or computer code in chips on your motherboard, controller cards or other hardware). This is now possible with more modern computer equipment, designed to have its firmware updated over the net. Previously, you had to "flash" those computer chips from the machine that contained them. While there are security features in hardware that is supposed to prevent this kind of vandalism, there are some flaws which enable hackers to flash destructively. Phlashing code has already been developed by security researchers and hackers. Phlashing attacks are more difficult than most other kinds of hacking, but it's a sign of things to come, and another way for Cyber War to mess you up.




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