Information Warfare: Islamic Hackers Score


April 29,2008: Islamic Hackers attacked the web site of the Bank of Israel on Passover weekend (April 19-20), and shut it down for two days. The hackers identified themselves as "The Moorish," indicating that they belonged to a known Algerian hacking organization. But Israel suspects Hizbollah, which has been trying to build a Cyber War capability. The bank insisted that the damage was minimal, but they would say that in order to deny the hackers any inside information on how successful they were. Moslem hackers have been attacking Israeli commercial and government web sites for years. Of late, they have had little success, as the Israelis have been constantly improving their defenses. Just how good "The Moorish" crew is remains something known only to the Israelis. It is obvious that this bunch was better than any of the other Islamic hackers that have been going after Israeli web sites in the last year or so.




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