Information Warfare: China Hacks Tibet


March 28,2008: Tibetan exile groups believe they are being attacked by Chinese Cyber War units. Individual Tibetans are being targeted by Internet based attacks and attempts to put secret monitoring software on their computers. These Cyber War efforts have been traced back to China. The Chinese government denies any such activity, but the evidence keeps piling up. The Chinese Cyber War activities have picked up in the past two weeks, after anti-Chinese demonstrations and attacks broke out in Tibet (which was invaded and taken over by China in 1959) and adjacent parts of China with large Tibetan minorities. The Tibetan exile community has held many anti-Chinese demonstrations lately, and coordinate and supplement this activity via the Internet.

China also shut down Internet access, inside China, to many Western news sources, as well as YouTube (which was showing videos of the violence in Tibet), in order to keep news of the violence out of China. This didn't work, but it did make it more difficult for most Chinese to find out what was going on in Tibet.




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