Electronic Weapons: Safety In Cell Phone Shutdowns


August 23, 2011: On August 15th cell phone service in Indian Kashmir was shut down. This also happened on January 26th. The reason was the same, to prevent Islamic terrorists from using cell phones to detonate bombs. These two dates are major holidays in India, with January 26 being Republic Day, and August 15 Independence Day. On both days, there are many public celebrations, and in the past they have been occasions when Islamic terrorists (who want Indian Kashmir to be part of Pakistan) have carried out attacks. Cell phone service is usually restored after the parades and other large gatherings are over, and the crowds have dispersed.

Although Islamic terrorism in Kashmir has been greatly reduced in the last five years, some terrorists are still there, and are believed to still have the capability to carry out bombings on these two holidays. But Indian police believe that, if current trends continue, in the next few years it will be possible to eliminate the cell phone shutdowns. 






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